Facts 😪💯

Facts 😪💯


I like both but blame Trippie for the fall out, he tried to beat the press by completely cutting out 69 so it wouldn't affect his image. Could have easily stayed quiet and whenever pressed just said wait till the facts are out. Instead he fucked up ended up getting jealous at how huge 69 got. Bet he wishes he was still making some bangers with him


Not really, Trippie lost the battle of 2018 (debatable if you look at album sales though) but won the war & it’s not even close. He’s hotter than he’s ever been right now & 6ix is cold as can be & cancelling shows due to embarrassing turnout, not to mention the music has come to a halt entirely… Yes 6ix is blackballed but even if he wasn’t it wouldn’t make a huge difference, the snitching really hurt him along with the music being objectively ass (Tattletales) put the nail in the coffin. BTW I’m not criticizing the snitching I think it’s 100% the right move & anyone who says they would do otherwise in his situation is a bonafide liar


Music can not be objectively ass, even if lots of people dislike it, there are always some that liked it. And I like tattletales don't @ me


I agree but TBH it was always bound to be temporary between them. Even if they were cool I doubt Trippie would still make music with him after he snitched, & even if he didn’t snitch but somehow beat the case 6ix9ine beefs with people who Trippie has good relationships with so it would never work. But a man can dream


No lie detected


Fuck Trippie redd