New graduate here, trying so hard to find a job 😭😭😭

New graduate here, trying so hard to find a job 😭😭😭


I would encourage you to apply to jobs even if you don’t fulfill 100% of the qualifications. Often employers aren’t actually looking for someone who is perfect for the role in every single way but are looking for someone who is willing to learn the necessary skills and grow. This advice is particularly relevant if you’re female, as men are much more likely to apply and get the job whether they meet the qualifications or not whereas women will count themselves out without even applying. I would also encourage you to get in touch with people who are doing the jobs you are applying for or want to be doing. They can give you advice on what strengths/experience you may need to build and how you can do so. They’ll most likely be happy to help. Have someone you trust to give you constructive feedback look at your cover letter and resume, there might be something you’re missing. Also, make sure that you are tailoring your resume/cover letter to the specific job, employers can tell when you’ve used a stock application vs taking the time to highlight how you fit this specific job. Take words from the job description and use them in your resume: often employers use bots to weed out applications and using words you know the bot will be programmed to look for will give you a better shot of getting your resume in front of an actual person. It’s really common to struggle to find a job right out of uni, the people who do are very lucky. Try not to get too down on yourself and don’t give up, you’ll figure it out.


wow, that’s a very detailed advice. Thank you! And as for resume, yes I only have one version. But this is because I only have limited experience. If I remove irrelevant experience, my resume will be half empty 😂😂😂


Make sure your resumé includes unpaid experience you have. No need to highlight that it’s volunteer; list the responsibilities and tasks just as you do for paid experience


Honestly same, totally get that lol. But even if you’re not changing the actual content on your resume changing words can make a difference, especially for a highlights of qualifications section. For example if you have “excellent organizational skills” and a job is looking for “ability to prioritize tasks” use that wording instead and change it out. Your cover letter should be different job to job, but there are tons of resources online on how to write good ones. Experience that is ‘irrelevant’ to the job might have given you practice working on your soft skills. Focus on that, because a lot of employers view those skills as important when assessing how likely a new employee will be able to grow and develop. Good luck😊


>For example if you have “excellent organizational skills” and a job is looking for “ability to prioritize tasks” use that wording instead and change it out. imo i dont think copy and pasting exact words given in the posting helps greatly. it would make the resume look..... formulaic.


The bots employers use are programmed to find specific words in resumes and cover letters to help decide which applications actually get considered. By using the phrases in the job description you have a better chance of your application actually getting picked up. It sounded really obvious and something that employers would see right through to me as well, but the advice comes from people who know much more about hiring than I do and I managed to get a job while using it. It’s important to remember how many applications employers see, so making your qualifications as obvious to them as possible really does make a difference.


Major? Edit: whats with the downvote? Lol last time I invite someone to apply.


Solid advice. If I may add on to work for a company in which you believe in their mission statement if you can. Best candidates who were interviewed were the ones who showed genuine interest in the company and interviewed the company just as much as the person that was interviewed. Ask smart deep genuine questions - that will make you stand out. Promotions and advancements will come naturally.


You might have more success networking. Personally reach out to people on linkedin and through networking events (when they eventually start again).


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Apply for every job you can if you dony feel match the qualifications. Make sure to list every and all experience on your resume. You will find something hang in there.


Read “what colour is your parachute”.


I encourage you check out jerryhlee on Instagram he has some pretty good advice on jobs and runs a consulting firm designed for employment